About the angels


Angels are helpers and beings of light that serve God. (God goes by many names. "The universe", "tao", "great spirit", "the all" are just a few of them). They have a wonderful vibration of pure love. There are many kinds of angels. Our current selection of bags are named after specific archangels that are described below. Some of the angels below are referred to as a "he" or "she". Beings of light have no gender, but certain angels are thought to have a more feminine or masculine vibration. It is a subjective assignation.



Gabriel "The strength of God" governs the emotions, and calms doubts and anxieties. Her trumpet brings joyful news. “Be not afraid!” The angel of communication, she will help you understand any new beginnings.

Her light is copper (like her trumpet).

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Gabriel angel of messages and new beginnings



Michael “Who is like God” gives the courage and fortitude to be who you are. He is the most famous of all archangels and protects with his sword of light.

Michael helps find your passion and divine purpose and sends a reminder that you have access to all the strength needed.

His light is a blue/purple.

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Raphael "God heals" is the angel in charge of healing both mind and body. He helps restore your innate perfect health. He also reenergizes and boosts creativity.

His light is a bright emerald green.

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Chamuel "Who sees God" can help you find anything. He also helps heal any relationship and replaces low self-esteem with love.

He heals any part of your body that you have rejected or deemed unlovable. The pink ray of Chamuel is concerned with peace. It dissolves negative emotions of self-condemnation, low self-worth and self-loathing and replaces them with love.

His light can be pink or pale green.

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Haniel "The grace of God" is the angel of the moon and helps you trust your divine gift of intuition. She heals women’s emotional and physical health; particularly any menstrual issues. She can help develop any psychic gifts. Her lantern has the power to bring joy to any situation.

Her light is pale blue.

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Archangel Ariel “Lion of God” protects animals and the earth. She is particularly close to those who preserve the environment and the health of wildlife. She helps rejuvenate your awareness and connection with nature. 

Her light is pale pink.

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Guardian angel

Your guardian angel(s) have been with you since you were a baby and know exactly how to calm and soothe you. They are particularly good at resolving any blocks you might have towards hearing your divine guidance. They never leave your side and are with you from birth until death.

Your guardian angel's light is whatever color you see it to be. 

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