About the crystals


Crystals are a gift from the earth and a powerful healing tool. They are a storage compartment and conduit for energy. They are also quite simply beautiful. 


Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a “master healer” and draws off accumulated negative energy. It balances the mind, body, and spirit and amplifies psychic abilities. A wonderful companion to prayer or meditation, it helps focus your intentions. Also good for the immune system.

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The first choice for many meditations, amethyst is a powerful and protective crystal. It encourages inner strength and peaceful energy. It helps develop intuition and psychic abilities by connecting the physical plane with the spiritual realm. It is also used to overcome addictions.

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Connected with archangel Raphael, green aventurine is a good all-round healer stone. It aids the eyes and heart and calms anxiety. A prosperity stone, it promotes luck and feelings of well-being. Liked by nature spirits, it also protects from pollution.

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Blue angelite

Blue angelite channels healing and daily communication from your angels.  Beautiful blue with gold veining, this stone is associated with angels and your guardian angel(s) in particular. Hold it to connect with your guardian angel and hear their guidance. This stone can also act as a protective shield against bad vibes coming from people or places.

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Moss agate

Associated with archangel Ariel, this crystal is associated with growing and gardeners. Many beautiful shades of green, moss agate can be planted in a flower bed or plant pot to increase the growth and health of plants.  The green of this crystal is also associated with the heart chakra and healing relationships. It helps attract new love or the regrowth of former love.

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Rose quartz

Rose Quartz accelerates your natural gift for love and loving relationships. It opens the heart to all levels of love and raises your vibration to that of unconditional love.

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Moonstone is connected to the angel Haniel, and carries the energy of the new moon, which aids psychic perceptions and dreams. It strengthens emotions that may be hidden. It also heals insomnia and nightmares.

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Tiger's Eye

Associated with archangel Gabriel, tiger's eye opens the throat chakra for better communication. It helps you access your own wisdom and guidance, and is a great companion for public speaking. Like the angel of good news,  it brings insight into complex situations.

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Citrine is a sunny crystal that brings optimism, wisdom, and intellectual stimulation. It helps you to analyze situations and information in productive ways. It helps even out emotions so you stay calm amidst multiple responsibilities. Also known as the “Success Stone”, it helps manifest abundance and success in your career. This highly protective crystal should be kept at school or work for maximum benefit.

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