Ariel moss agate crystal kit - renew

Ariel moss agate crystal kit - renew


Archangel Ariel ‘Lioness/Lion of God’ protects animals and the earth. She helps rejuvenate your awareness and connection with nature. Moss agate heals the heart chakra and attracts new love or the regrowth of former love.

Crystal kits are a portable way to bring peaceful intentions and crystal healing into your day.

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A portion of all sales go to breast cancer charities.

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  • Includes angel, crystal, Palo Santo cards, satchel, moss agate crystal and stick of Palo Santo 
  • Because of their naturally occurring properties, the moss agate and Palo Santo pieces will be unique to your kit 
  • Moss agate crystal has been sourced from the Haight-Ashbury 
  • This eco-friendly Palo Santo is sourced from naturally fallen Palo Santo branches in Ecuador 

Angel & crystal

Ariel is particularly close to those who preserve the environment and the health of wildlife. She is a powerful feminine force for your renewal.


Associated with Ariel, this crystal is associated with growing and gardeners. Many beautiful shades of green, moss agate can be planted in a flower bed or plant pot to increase the growth and health of plants.  The green of this crystal is also associated with the heart chakra and healing relationships. 

Palo Santo is a sacred tree used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit from negative energies. Palo Santo, “Holy Wood”,  grows on the coast of South America. The incense is used to energize and cleanse rooms and objects. It aids meditation and peaceful thoughts.

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