Guardian angel blue angelite crystal kit - protection

Guardian angel blue angelite crystal kit - protection


Your guardian angels have been your constant companions since birth, and keep you on your divine path. Blue angelite channels healing and daily communication from your angels.

Crystal kits are a portable way to bring peaceful intentions and crystal healing into your day.

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A portion of all sales go to breast cancer charities.

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  • Includes angel, crystal, Palo Santo cards, satchel, blue angelite crystal and stick of Palo Santo 
  • Because of their naturally occurring properties, the blue angelite and Palo Santo pieces will be unique to your kit 
  • Blue angelite crystal has been sourced from the Haight-Ashbury 
  • This eco-friendly Palo Santo is sourced from naturally fallen Palo Santo branches in Ecuador 

Angel & crystal

Your guardian angel(s) are with you from birth to death and never leave your side. They protect and help clear any blocks between you and your divine guidance. Your number of guardian angels depends on the kind of work you have chosen to do. Those in more dangerous occupations automatically have more angels surrounding them. You can call additional angels whenever you have need of them.


Beautiful blue with gold veining, blue angelite is associated with angels, your guardian angel(s) in particular. Hold it to connect with your guardian angel and hear their guidance. This stone can also act as a protective shield against bad vibes coming from people or places.

Palo Santo is a sacred tree used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit from negative energies. Palo Santo, “Holy Wood”,  grows on the coast of South America. The incense is used to energize and cleanse rooms and objects. It aids meditation and peaceful thoughts.

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