Uriel citrine crystal kit - wisdom

Uriel citrine crystal kit - wisdom


Uriel “Light of God” is one of the four major archangels (in addition to Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael). He illuminates your mind with knowledge and insight. Citrine is a sunny crystal that brings optimism and intellectual stimulation.

Crystal kits are a portable way to bring peaceful intentions and crystal healing into your day.

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  • Includes angel, crystal, Palo Santo cards, satchel, blue angelite crystal and stick of Palo Santo

  • Because of their naturally occurring properties, the citrine and Palo Santo pieces will be unique to your kit

  • Citrine crystal has been sourced from the Haight-Ashbury

  • This eco-friendly Palo Santo is sourced from naturally fallen Palo Santo branches in Ecuador


Angel & crystal


A mysterious angel, Uriel has a gold halo and is usually pictured with a lantern. He helps you to find wisdom and any needed insight. He also supplies information that you may have forgotten. Uriel is a wonderful angel to call upon if you are a student or need help processing many different kinds of information.


Citrine is a sunny crystal that brings optimism, wisdom, and intellectual stimulation. It helps you to analyze situations and information in productive ways. It helps even out emotions so you stay calm amidst multiple responsibilities. Also known as the “Success Stone”, it helps manifest abundance and success in your career. This highly protective crystal should be kept at school or work for maximum benefit.

Palo Santo is a sacred tree used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit from negative energies. Palo Santo, “Holy Wood”,  grows on the coast of South America. The incense is used to energize and cleanse rooms and objects. It aids meditation and peaceful thoughts.

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